Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I choose...

I am not sold on the idea that picking up your house is worth it.. when you have children too young to assist. I work frantically to clean the kitchen, only to walk into our bedroom to find our end table drawers strewn about... I quick clean that up, while giggling at what a cute little booger behind all the rubble, only to walk in the bathroom and stub my toe on her toy she pushed in there when I wasn't looking. I put the toy back in her room to find that she has ripped the toilet paper into 14,756 pieces and as she crawls away she leaves a little shredded trail down the hallway giggling. I pick up all those pieces to return to the kitchen to finish cleaning it up, only to realize it is time to prepare for dinner... It leaves me wondering... is it really necessary to have a nice picked up home? :) 

Ok the answer is NO and YES!  For me anyway. Majority of the day I do let the mess sit and wait. I make sure to enjoy playing with my little ONE YEAR OLD (GASP:: is she really one already?!) However once that little rascal is in bed, I try to muster up the energy to pick up the mess that was made, and then relax for a little while before bed. 

I have learned very quickly that being supermom is not actually something that I can accomplish. I cannot always have a picture perfect house, and enjoy this little peanut. It took me a year, but I have embraced it! I love playing with my little girl, and watching her laugh and making her squeal in pure delight! I choose to make sure I give my child memories over having a spotless house. Because I cannot do both. ( I applaud those that are able to!) 

Earlier this year I would have just played/taken care of Adeline all day and then go to bed which created a very messy home and a stressed out mama. It feels silly to admit that, but I just really struggled in keeping up with my house and my child. I feel like I have a great balance right now! my house is no where near perfect, but things actually get done! 

And that makes me happy! :) 

Ok I am off to bed, because it is far too late and this mama needs some sleep! :) 

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  1. I think you've got the right idea...playing and enjoying baby girl is definitely more important. I do love a clean house, but have learned that there are things worth making a mess. :)