Monday, January 13, 2014

What's on my mind...

I just took this photo of Jordan and Adeline cuddling. Melt my heart. It was the sweetest thing ever. Now I am obsessed with this photo. 

I really want to lose weight... and need to make a meal plan and count my calories daily. It would help if I enjoyed cooking more... but it isn't my favorite activity. I much prefer organizing and making things look pretty. Hehe.

Yoga... it is something I want to do every day. I really enjoy it. And am so happy when I do it. While learning how to do yoga correctly, I have discovered it is so much more than just doing a pose. It is about engaging muscles, proper stances, and using muscles not your bones for support. And I also learned when doing it properly I am very beginner!

Planking is on my mind.. I have to do it tonight... I should get on that. I am making huge progress. When Adeline was first born I could only do 11 seconds! Now I am up to 1 minute and tonight I will b trying for 1 minute 30 seconds! I am really proud of how I am improving!

Photography is on my mind a lot right now! I am so excited for 2014 and to see what it has in store for my photography business!

Now I need to plank and go to bed!

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