Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gettin' my groove back

I drank 60 ounces of water today

I went over my calories by 450 calories! EEKS. It actually was my dinner. I had no idea tortillas were 210 calories a piece!! I thought maybe 110 a piece. DANG. NOT FAIR! So I really would have done SO MUCH BETTER IF IT WASN"T FOR THAT ACCIDENTAL 420 calorie overload. :)

my veggies at lunch
Honestly, even though I have gone over the past two days I feel great!  I totally want to eat more, and I am stopping myself. I am being aware of everything that is going in my mouth. I am making progress in becoming the woman, wife, mother I want to be!

Things are really coming together in my life. I have a babysitter for every Wednesday for a bible study, I am keeping up with laundry, my house is looking more and more put together and not a tornado zone. I am proud of myself! I am getting my groove back. INSERT HAPPY DANCE!

I will do this. I will be at least 57 lbs lighter. I am doing it. I am.


we were at sleep number picking up a memory foam topper, adeline loved the memory foam bed!

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