Monday, February 28, 2011


I love my little 8 month old English Bulldog, Porkchop. I love him dearly. However when I take a look around my house, my heart sinks a little bit at how he ate some of our MOST expensive things in the house. Our days of being able to set our food on the floor and not have it eaten has been taken away, or ability to never worry about how long and how often we have been gone is now gone. But even when my heart sinks a little bit at how he has utterly destroyed some beautiful pieces of furniture. He is worth it. He is our little bundle of dog joy.

This is my mom's she let us use it since she wasn't currently used it... sorry mom. 

This is a table that goes in between our chairs

Another chair he thought would be tasty

Our bed. 

Our dresser

One of our bookshelves
Not pictured: dining room chairs, othersides of the same furniture and an end table downstairs.


  1. We're really lucky that our little guy only ruined one thing in our place, although he does love getting at our socks. Our cats did a lot more damage until we got them declawed and our poor couch is proof of that.

  2. Eeeekk!! That would drive me absolutely bonkers!!! :(

  3. Goodness...what a little stinker! He sure is cute, tho. :)

  4. Oh no! Teething problems? Hopefully he will grow out of it soon.

  5. Our dog has caused some similar damage to furniture around the house!
    Happy to connect with you via the hop. I'm your newest follower- hope you can visit me at See you soon!

  6. Oh no! Our puppy ditched the furniture once she discovered the chunky plastic hangers. If you set one down even for a second, she is taking off with it, running out the door! She loves to chew down the hook!
    Found you from the hop! =)

  7. I have always wanted one of these! Thanks for writing about it! Thanks for the article! It was a lot of good info.