Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Capture- Anything that starts with "L"

This week the you capture from I should be folding Laundry blog was anything that starts with "L" so I went through the list of things like "lake", light, and that was about it. I knew I wasn't going to drive to a lake to take the picture, as much as I would like to pretend I would! My light pictures... well they sucked.  So then I was sitting with my hubby and we were watching a movie and it hit me!  I could do lashes! So here are his beautiful lashes! 



  1. Good one Tara! I never thought of lashes!!

  2. I love LASHES! What a perfect L word to photograph :D

  3. Very nice. I love beautiful lashes.

  4. Awesome pictures ;) I love this blog. Plus, it's so sweet you married your best friend.

    I'm following from the hop.