Saturday, February 5, 2011

One of my goals for 2011

I am currently working on reading the bible in 90 days. However every couple of days I seem to have to stretch out my 90 days! I have been really busy lately and unfortunately reading the bible every day is a struggle, I almost always can fit a chapter in, however on the 90 day plan I have to read about 15 chapters a day. I am fine if it takes me longer than 90 days my goal is really just to read the bible all of it. I am a very organized person and I liked to do things from beginning to end and I can't jump books in the bible when I want to read the bible all the way through. I have no problem jumping around and reading books that I just want to read and delve into at that moment, but I just really want to read it from beginning to end, even though everyone says not to. I can't help it. I am wired to do things from beginning to end! I can't start a project when I have half one sitting over in the corner. It drives me bonkers. And reading the bible if I start in Acts and I know I have all the old testament to read. I feel like I am missing something!  I don't really have a deadline for when I want to finish reading the bible, but I do want to make it a bigger priority in my life. I listen to Joyce Meyer online when I am at work and she talks a lot about how just going to church and soaking it all up and than going home and carrying on like you normally do isn't doing much good. I think a lot of times that is the case for me, I have definitely made progress in forming a relationship with God, but I have a lot farther to go! But also Joyce says " I may not be where I need to be, but I am a lot closer than I ever was" (that isn't exactly what she says but something along those lines) I have grown a LOT and I think that it really has helped that I now go to a church that I love! I learn a lot there, I really enjoy all of the people that I have met! I love that they have growth groups twice a year and they have workshops and the music is amazing! The messages are awesome! Ok I will quit making you want to go to my church now. But I do give them TONS of credit for how far I have come. One of their mottos (for lack of a better word) is "to bring help people have a refreshing relationship with Jesus Christ" and it really has! Ok well now I need to go read the bible and then get some sleep!


  1. I'm not much of a church person although I do have my own personal beliefs. I think your church has a really great message though!

  2. I think sometimes writing down your goals can really make you work harder towards achieving them. Maybe writing this post was all you needed to get you back on track! But even if you don't read the entire bible in 90 days, reading the bible cover to cover is a huge accomplishment no matter how long it takes you!