Thursday, February 3, 2011


I got home from my sisters last night brushed my teeth hugged and kissed my puppy and went to bed AND SLEPT!  I fell asleep from 11:00pm and slept until 5:10! I woke up 2 times during the night, but that was a quick look at the time and fall back asleep! It felt great! Unfortunately I feel like I could still sleep another 10 hours but hey I will take what I get! It came just in time for a 12 hour work day plus at the end of that training at the hospital (for my volunteering) I am so happy that I am done with the sleepless nights tough!

I am so ready for the spring and summer! I am super excited to take pictures outside again!


  1. So glad that the insomnia is over - regular bedtime and bedtime ritual is supposed to really help. Plus only using your bed for "sleep" (ie not reading, watching TV etc etc) - supposed to let your body know that now it's 'sleep time'

  2. You have no idea how ready for spring/summer I am!! At this point I'll take any sunny day that's warmer than 30. So. Sick. Of. The. Cold!