Friday, February 18, 2011

This weekend has promises!

I am going to have some great pictures to post from this weekend! You should be SUPER STOKED! Because I am! hehe!  Tonight I am meeting up with two of my best friends! My sister and The Small town mom! We are going out to dinner to talk each others ears off, then going back to my house to do something SUPER secret and SUPER cool! :) Ok, just kidding it isn't a secret but it is SUPER COOL. We are going to craft!! Yes, that is right! They are bringing their sewing machines, and crochet stuff and we are going to craft and chit chat! Seriously, not sure what else could be more fun! Then on Saturday the husband and I are spending some uber quality time together! And since I am the creative one he said I get to decide what we are doing(famous last words)... we are going to make chocolate covered strawberries (which totally just reminds me I ate all the strawberries this morning,oops) And then as long as the weather is nice we are going to go to downtown and take some pictures of things that spell letters ( does that have a name?) Then on Sunday I am going to be taking pictures of some cute little kiddo's and will also be getting girl scout cookies!  This weekend is going to be awesome! Can 5:30 come now please? I seriously have such a fun filled weekend and the photographic journal of this weekend will knock your socks off! :)  Also while we are out and about downtown I think I will be doing some photo challenges! Super excited (oh did I say that already?) :)

Sorry for the lack (super cool) pictures, but I am on my lunch break, and they would frown upon me downloading editing software and playing with pictures on here. And not to mention I would probably get not-one-single-thing done at work if I did that, and then that would lead to me not having a job, which would lead to my husband and I not having a very pleasant conversation, which would probably lead to us living in a cardboard box outside of my husbands work because we would have to sell our cars and everything else. So you get the picture.. about the picture! HEHE.

ok I totally just realize that "things that spell letters" does not make sense. so you will just have to see what I am talking about! Because I don't know how to explain it... clearly.


  1. I am excited for Sunday! And already cant wait to see the pictures! Haha! Nathan LOVES his toes now too!! And I am going tonight to go shopping to get my little miss Lily a purdy dress and beads and dress up shoes because that kid LOVES shoes!!!! Haha!

  2. Girl scout cookies yumm! We just got ours and well... we're just about out! I think I know what you mean by the "things that spell letters". Are you finding objects that look like letters that you will eventually put together to make look like a word? Maybe I'm on to something.
    I am so excited for tonight too! I have my sewing machine packed and supplies ready to go!