Saturday, February 12, 2011


I currently have two three year old little girls at my house.  I must say having two is actually easier than having just one. Well compared to what I am used too, I suppose! I will say my God daughter is QUITE the handful, so having my cousin(yes QUITE the age difference!)  here to preoccupy and play with her has been very nice and helpful (even though they are the same EXACT AGE well ok 14 days apart)! :) I love listening to their little conversations! It is adorable.

One of the most memorable moments will be for me when my cousin dropped her ring in the un-flushed toilet and started crying about her ring.... after facebooking the emergency got helpful advice from my mom to use a wire hanger! Got it out safe and sound. I have it quarantined until her dad comes, because although I rinsed it off, it just doesn't quite feel sanitary to be touched yet.


  1. The idea of the coat hanger is a good one, I wouldn't have thought of that!! I love the second picture of the two of them, that is so beautiful.

    CJ xx

  2. They're quite a pair those two...but it must be helpful to have an extra gal to entertain. And the coathanger trick is a keeper! I'll have to remember that.