Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scavenger hunt Sunday


Um... I won't go into detail of what this is but it is called a bullystick, and its for my dog to chew.

2. Group of 3

3. Kitchen
ooh yea, he is my kitchen now! :) I have a wonderful husband who cooks dinner for us. 

4. Things that make you go "hmmmm"

Hello! Do you see his teeth! His upper lip is protruding because that is where his fangs are hiding! This is a rare occasion when his fangs are inside of his lips. Porkchop makes me go "hmmm"  all the time. But that is why I love him so. 

5. Me time

Here is my favorite chair to sit in and read a book or play on the (stupid) ipad. Usually with Porkchop right at my side not missing a beat. Notice Porkchops right fang is hanging out. And PS- Ipad is (stupid) because it is a running joke with my husband and I about stupid ipads. :) 


  1. These are great - I really love your things that make you go hmmm shot. Makes me giggle a little bit.

  2. I love Porkchop's photos! What a sweet face!

  3. Always love seeing Porkchop! (Sweet pic of Hubby, too!) Great choices, Tara.

  4. Cute looking dog, fabulous expression.


  5. My hubby wants a bulldog so bad! They really are cute!

  6. We have an english bulldog with the same problem. He makes me go hmm all the time!