Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend wrap-up

I had such a great weekend! I am sad that it is almost over! I ended my weekend in such a great way! But I will start with the beginning.  Friday I got off work at 2:05, always a good way to start out a weekend! I took a little nap, got jimmy johns for supper, then headed off to some friends house where the boys played poker and the girls hot tubbed and chit chatted. It was awesome! We picked up my baby (porkchop, AKA the english bulldog puppy) from Porkchop's grandmas house, and went home where I hung out with my 2 loves, husband and dog. I woke up Saturday morning and headed off to the library to get a couple books and then 2 of my best friends came over (one of them being my sister) and we started our craft day! I finished crocheting a hat and started on a new crocheting project, and learned how to read a crochet pattern! our craft day started at 11:30 am and went until about 10 pm! It was great! Then today (Sunday) I went to a mentoring session with my photographer, ok she isn't "mine" but I use her, and I love her and she is amazing! I learned so much from her and I can't wait to put to practice what I learned from her! And see the improvements in my photos from this session! here is the link to "my" photographer's website. she rocks! Just sayin! I am so totally motivated after leaving this session! I have been meaning to write in my new journal everything I learned today so I can remember it always but I have been too excited to sit down and write! I am super excited to get everything organized as far as picture taking goes and then put to practice my knew knowledge! So I am off to start writing!

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  1. Sounds like such a great weekend - looking forward to seeing some of the new photography tricks you learnt on your blog.