Friday, March 4, 2011

Ten Things

 Ten things that bring me joy
(besides the obvious, husband and family!)
1.  Porkchop, my puppy, I feel nothing but pure joy when I lay down at night, and have Porkchop laying on a pillow next to me and then next to him my husband sleeping. I think it would be a beautfiul photograph,  (I am going to work on capturing)
2. Photography, beautiful photos inspire me, they make me happy.
3.Oreos and a glass of milk
4. helping others I volunteer at my church with the kids in the preschool room, and I am an advocate for women in domestic violence. I LOVE IT
5.pretty colors
6. great conversations
7. The internet
9. dreaming of going to Africa and helping in the orphanages and villages and then going on an African Safari
10. imaginig going on vacation to the ocean with my husband and (future) children

This post was inspired by Krysten @  After I do

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