Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hubby's birthday

So my husband cleaned out the garage about 2 weeks before his birthday and found his present. I was super bummed about it because I was really excited to see him open the present. Turns out he knew what it was anyway. Another bummer. But my husbands a smart man so it doesn't really come as a shock for me that he knew what his present was and that he found it. I wasn't about to pretend he never seen it on his birthday so instead I created a cheesy little scavenger hunt around the house for him! :) Each sticky note had a memory or a sweet little saying on it and leading him to the next place. At the end was a letter for 27 reasons I love him (he turned 27) Here are a couple pictures. It was a lot of fun and think this may continue on... we both really enjoyed it! 

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  1. What a wonderful idea!

    Marla @