Tuesday, May 17, 2011

surprise ruined.

here are a couple more from the engagement session I did with Chad & Liz! :)  Just wanted to share a couple more.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day out, so my husband decided he was going to clean out the garage, because last year I apparently mentioned something about how he should, and he didn't... or something, so this year he took the initiative... great.. because that is where I hid his birthday present! So I come home to a nice clean garage, patio furniture out, garage swept, crap moved out of the way. It looks great! But now my surprise is ruined... then he proceeds to tell me that he knew that the present I got him, was what I was going to get him, because I said i was going to Mall of America, which is where the sign was. This boy can never be defeated in knowing his presents. I feel really bad though, because i wanted him to be surprised and I wanted him to really like it. Instead, he found it on accident and kind of knew already. I think I might take him on a scavenger hunt for his birthday. Just for fun.

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