Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hopes & dreams, squashed.

So I was reading a blog at a sort of fairy tale and she and her husband went on a hot air balloon ride, and I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to go on one, so I emailed my husband, feeling inspired. Here is how our conversation went...

ME: Can we save up some money and go on a hot air balloon ride?

HIM: I don't do heights very well, a hot air balloon ride might kill me.

There you have it... hopes & dreams squashed. Just like that.

:) hehe


  1. Ooooh lame. I think a little bit of begging is in order. Ha ha

  2. Haha! Keep pushing him (little by little!)

  3. aw!! i'm sure he'll come round eventually :) lovely blog, btw!xx

  4. This is where you call your best friend and start making those plans.

    I think we have a few things in common...PCOS, live in Minnesnowta, and I LOVE your menu picture. Is your hubby a Mpls cop? I'm a cops wife and would love to connect or chat if you are interested...mel duzan @ chaska dot net...no spaces needed.