Monday, May 2, 2011

May goals

So the spring is here, well somewhat all I have felt lately is cold and rain, but I hear that the temps should turn around to the 60's this week! and this little bout of spring here and there and my little infertility problem has got me motivated to change some things and really take action and control over my life! After all this is my life, I am responsible to live it and not let it pass by. so here we go...

Bible goal- As I said waay back here that I wanted to read the bible in 90 days and read it cover to cover. Well I gave up the hope and dream of 90 days. Which actually I am ok with, because I would rather soak it up than finish in 90 days. My new goal is to read Numbers & Deuteronomy ( I have read all the previous). That is about 3 chapters a day.

Exercise goal- my goal is to exercise 3 days a week. I plan on running 3 days a week. I am doing warrior dash July 23rd and I would prefer not to make a complete fool out of myself.

Weight goal- my goal for the month of May is to lose 2 lbs a week. Which totals to be 8 lbs.

Nutrition goal- Stay between 1250-1600 calories a day, Eat more fruits and veggies. Stay as far away from sugar as I can (Hi I'm Tara, and I am a sugar addict)

Money goal- I am going to try and spend $10 less this month than I did last month

Photography goal- do 2 photo shoots this month (not of husband or Porkchop)


  1. These sounds like fabulous and obtainable goals. Good luck.

    Marla @

  2. Those goals sound great! Good luck!

  3. Writing down goals is always good and now you've put them on the blog so your extra accountable (gulp) good-luck! Not sure if you're a runner or not, but I love couch potato-5km as a kick start to beginning running again. They also have a 5-10km series too (google it).