Monday, May 23, 2011

Something I love

So this post started off with finding one picture for the happy Monday challenge here but quickly turned into scouring over pictures of my beloved furbaby. Even though I planned on writing a post about my loving husband who turned 27 today. Things change. Here is the timeline of my beloved Porkchop. I love him more than words (you too hubby) 

Something I love... photography and my puppy and my husband! 

Although this only meant to be one photo... 
This is a progression of porkchops 1st 11 months of life


  1. Nice photos! I love the second to last one! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. LOVE the way he sits. He's sooo handsome!

  3. your dog is sooo cute! nice series of pictures!

  4. aw..though i don't like dogs in the house, seeing your doggie makes me want to drag my hubby and get one for ourselves..soo cute!!!

  5. love the pictures.

    I came over to peek due to your "too much rain" comment on and then she snapped. As a fellow Minnesota resident -- I completely and totally agree.

    Lovely pictures as well! And I love the header.


  6. He is sooo cuteee!!! Love his firefighter outfit!

    Saying hello from the Sits.