Saturday, May 21, 2011

Standing up

Lately I have been learning  a lot about myself and things I need to work on. Last night something really hit home to me, how important it is to stand up for your friends and family and especially your spouse. I just think that if someone whether it be a complete stranger or a very best friend of yours, if someone is mean or rude or makes nasty comments about a friend or your family/spouse you need to stick up for them and let that person know it is NOT okay to talk about or  talk to people that way! Sometimes people are just way too accepting of one another and get the lines mixed up. I am all for accepting people for who they are and everyone's differences but I will not tolerate someone calling a loved one of mine ugly, fat, stupid and all the other HORRIBLE names out there. Maybe I am wrong in not saying that we should ignore it and move on, but I just think that people should not be able to get away with demeaning other people! It is not ok. They should not think its ok. It just makes me sick. I hope that if/when the time comes that I have to stick up for my friends or family that I will do so, and that I will be able to make the person that was just insulted feel better and also put the bully in their place. Let's all be nice, stand up for each other and ourselves,without going overboard. Nobody has a right to call someone ugly, fat, stupid, whore, all those other names! Why do people think its ok? It makes me sad. I hope that these people who go around calling girls ugly and fat and stupid and whores... I hope they realize how stupid and mean it is. I..... ughh. .. I get so mad! I want to punch the man in the face that goes around degrading women. It is funny as I get older I really realize how far we have to go before women and men are equal in our society.

Did you know up until 1993 it was LEGAL to rape your wife in some states!?!?!?! 1993!

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  1. I totally agree with is a great practice to defend your friends and family members. It can be hard to do at times...but definatly the right thing to do.