Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can I get an amen...

I have to share this post from http://www.irocksowhat.com/with you guys! I have recently started learning this exact same thing! And continue to learn it! It is really so important for business owners with small companies.

I LOVE LOVE this post!


a quote from her post:

"I hope this helps anyone afraid to take the plunge. Have self respect and you will reap the benefits!"

Having self respect and realizing what you are worth is key in my opininon!

Underpricing is not what you want to do. You are working for less, devaluing your product, AND  not getting the clients that you really want.

 Clients are what keeps your business running. You don't want to have clients that only are choosing you because you are the cheapest. You want to create lifelong clients. Clients that respect and value your work and are willing to pay what you deserve.


  1. Oh I've read that post before. So true.

    I don't sell anything, but as a buyer I agree whole heartedly.

  2. What a great post!! Thanks for sharing :)