Friday, January 6, 2012

Elated!! (TMI for some)

I ovulated!!!

I really really did!

 Some of you may think "yippy dooda, I do that every month" but  I don't! I was roughly 18 when I got on birth control, and then when I got off birth control was November 2010 and in January I started my journey of discovering I had PCOS.  I started "juicing" just before Jordan went into the hospital and a short time later I got my period for the very first time! Then again 32 days later! I wasn't sure if I was ovulating, or if I was just getting my period because my body knew I needed to "shed" (such a pretty picture) So after talking to my sister and Tara I decided I would start BBT charting, just to see if and when I am ovulating. Every temperature difference I would email them and ask if they think I ovulated. They always said no. I got sad and discouraged, but I realized my boobs weren't hurting like they had the past 2 months either. So I got rededicated (in December I hadn't juiced more than twice). I juiced 3 days in a row and I then ovulated!! I ovulated on cycle day 27 (per fertility and cycle day 28 per my sister. I fully believe I would have my period by now or pregnant if I would have juiced consistantly every week in the month of December. I firmly believe juicing is my cure. I know this is nothing short of a miracle straight from God. I hadn't gotten my period in a year! Then all of a sudden! It really just has opened my eyes to the importance of health and eating good. I knew it before, but seeing it first hand the huge difference it makes its stunning. I was fairly healthy before, but ate too much processed foods and too much sugar. That is still my faults, but I am slowly learning, and realizing. I am so thankful that I have acheived the first step towards pregnancy! I know there are many more steps to go! But ovulating is the very first thing that makes it possible!! I can't even tell you how happy I am to see the ovulation on my chart. I look at it every day, to make sure it still looks the same. :) And my boobs hurt now!! ::INSERT HAPPY DANCE::

my sister told me I am in the two week wait period now.  I have never been in the two week wait time frame before! I am soo excited!! (for those of you who don't know the two week wait is the two weeks you can't find out if you are pregant or going to get your period) I will probably test on Jan 16th, fertility friend says that is the first day I can test. But more than likely I will have my period by then, which I am totally happy with too!!


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