Monday, January 23, 2012


I love me some baby feet! I tink they are so adorable. I can't help it! I just sit and stare. Especially chubby little baby feet! I'm a freak. But I blame my mom and sister. When I was little they used to stare at my feet all the time and apparenlty I would say "what are you doing, quit staring at my feet" and my mom would say " I can't help it they are just so cute"

They created this baby feet lovin' monster. :)

check out more adorable feet  (the button I copy and pasted doesn't seem to be working?)

 then, she {snapped}”The


  1. This is beautiful!!!!!!!!! So sweeeeeeet! Following you now. Come visit me:

  2. Nope, I'm with you. Baby feet are the best. Cute little toes and pudgy middle bits.

  3. So adorable...just love the touches of nail polish on those tiny little toes!

  4. I couldn't get the button to work either! But, I'm still joining you from Paper Mama - and those are some sweet little feet (I especially love the painted toes - do you think I can do that to my boys? ;)

  5. oh this is SOOO cute. I really do think I have a problem, I love me some baby feet! adorable. thank you for showing off!