Friday, January 20, 2012

I dreamed a dream

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

I just saw the prompt for week 3 project 52 over at my3boybarians and I decided I wanted to jump in! :)

This is a little hard for me because I may have a couple lives I want to live... :) Well 3 to be exact.

1. I dream to be a stay at home mother with 3-4 kids. I dream I that I always know exactly when to be patient, when to be firm, when to give loves, when to discipline, when to teach, when to let them learn. I dream I wake up with tons of energy and zest to make each and every day count for the husband and kids. ( I  know you moms are snickering a little.. waking up with tons of energy... but this IS a dream. :) )

he is my one and only baby right now.

2. I dream to be a top 10 photographer. I dream that I am wanted so much that I  do client sessions once a month because I charge so much, I dream that I go to photography conferences world wide and talk at them, but only a couple times a year because I am so wanted that I only do the best. In this dream I also am humble and not stuck up or anything like that, but mainly I get to spend time at home because I don't NEED to work so much and so when I do a client session or talk at a conference I fully enjoy every second of planning it and doing it. ( I currently enjoy every second of photography, but right now it is hardly a part time job, so it doesn't count yet. :) )

3. I dream to travel and go on mission trips a couple times of the year with my husband. Haiti, China, Vietnam, Africa, Africa, Africa, everywhere! I mainly dream about helping the kids, but also helping villages, getting to learn and witness all these different cultures and helping them get clean water, teaching them things that will help them forever! I dont know exactly what a mission trip entails for the details, I just know I selfishly want to go on one to help others and I say selfishly because I know it would be one of the most amazing experiences.


  1. Oh I pray your dreams do come true!!! Great shots...

  2. Gorgeous pics, and fantastic dreams. I think you are well on your way!

  3. I hope all your dreams come true. Beautiful pictures. I love the tutu.

  4. I love all of your dreams :-) And also all of your pictures! I know of a place in Haiti that does amazing work, and they're always looking for people to come visit on them on short-term missions projects.

  5. Fabulous photos- fabulous dreams. I do dream of the photography thing- on a slightly smaller scale :) I would just be happy to do a session once a week consistently & have my clients love my work so much that they not only come back but they refer their friends & family. I have to get good enough before that will ever happen

  6. so beautiful photos and dreams! thanks for the visit