Tuesday, February 28, 2012


we all have beginnings of our careers, of starting on our path of our dreams, starting a family, or even starting a blog! It is kind of fun and or embarrassing to go back to the beginning..

My sister posted a picture from her wedding day that I took back in the dizzle when I was just learning photography, before editing and all! It is really fun to see how much I have grown!

On top of seeing my beginnings work you should really check out my sisters blog, she is naturally an excellent writer, I think it is because she writes with her emotions or something! I just love her blog!  She started blogging a little while ago and would love your support! I always enjoy reading her blog, and not only because she is my sister, but because well it rocks. :)


(my computer is being dumb, and I can't put a picture up of my beautiful sister. Another reason you should check out her blog!) Too much? ;)


  1. Aww T! I love you! and my plug fits well here! as I am at the beginning of my blogging career right?? LOL.

    love you!

  2. Wow -- two sisters blogging. A talented pair, you two. :)