Friday, February 17, 2012


I am at 99 followers for my blog you guys!! 

That makes me so excited!

Like a little school girl!

I got on blogger today and saw the number 99, I smiled and stared at the number for a couple minutes daydreaming of becoming just like the pioneer woman  little bit! I AM SO CLOSE TO 100 followers!!! wow!!

 I love writing blog posts and I LOVE reading blogs! I love the blogging community, and how so many different bloggers have really opened my eyes to so many different  thoughts, opinions, circumstances, and worlds. The blogging community has really opened my eyes to so many different atmospheres of photography, decorating my house, do it yourself projects, money, love, marriage, relationships and Christ  I otherwise would have missed out on! I get inspired from so many of you guys!

Thanks to Tara (not myself) for introducing this awesome community to me!

So as my 99 LOVELY readers, what are some of your favorite things about my blog?

what would like to see/read more of?

HERE are some of my favorite posts I have done:

-I really love this post when I wrote about my husband and marriage. Marriage post -

- I really enjoy doing my weekly weigh in on Mondays, even though I am not perfect at this weight loss thing
-  post with Porkchop our walk

-  I LOVE this post when I talk about 2011, the lessons learned and some things that happened. my recap of 2011-


  1. I love everything you write, especially your weekly weigh in on Mondays, and I love when you share your photo sessions with us your pictures are so beautiful and inspiring:) Yay for reaching 99!!

  2. I think I may have just got you to 100. I read your post and realized that I bookmarked you on my iPad, but didn't realize I hadn't officially followed. Congrats! I enjoy your work.