Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday weigh in

Feb 13th- Feb 19th weightloss

weight loss this week: -2  WOOOHOOO!!
Total weight loss: -2! ::doing my happy dance!

Average: (5 weeks in)  less than half a pound a week.. too little for my calculator to compute! But at least its going down and not 0!

Exercise-   Exercise was non existent again. I am going to try and fix that this week!!!

Juicing- 3 or 4 times. aiming for that again this week!

My pills- I was really good about taking my pills! There was 3 days that I didn't take any. But the rest I took them all! I count that as a success!
update on my cycle status-  So it takes me a little while to know if I ovulated or not. Usually like 3 or 4 days after ovulation I will know, and I ovulated sometime around Feb 10th or 11! woot woot!!  I am so excstatic that my body has started functioning correctly! It just seems so unreal my body is actually working! After  15 months, it is working! wow.

overall- I am actualyl shocked I lost weight this week! Let alone 2 lbs! It kind of shows me that last week really wasn't a gain! :) I ate bad foods but just not very often, my dinners have really been non existant lately, i think i had one dinner last week and that was it. Hopefully dinners will get back on schedule and so will my weight loss and I can kick butt in this weightloss! I am excited and seeing a -2 on the scale was just what I needed this morning.

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