Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 6th- Feb 12th weightloss

weight loss this week: +1   but I know I didn't drink hardly any water this weekend, and I felt dehydrated, so I am hopingthat has something to do with it!! :(
Total weight loss: 0

Average: (4 weeks in)  0!!! ugh

Exercise-   Exercise was non existent again. I clearly need to start walking on my treadmill.

Juicing- 0!! That is a major no good! Shake your head at me! We ran out of groceries for juicing and we just kept putting it off. But juicing will be back in full swing on Tuesday (V-day!)

My pills- I was really good about taking my pills! There was 3 days that I didn't take any. But the rest I took them all! I count that as a success!
update on my cycle status-  Still no ovulation. :( I am a little worried because we are on cycle day 30. But I will still have hope, I am sure the not juicing was not helping. So hopefully this week i will shock my system into ovulation! By taking all my pills and juicing! And eating vegan!

overall-  This week I didn't think I did bad in the eating department at all! In fact most nights during this week I didn't even eat dinner and went to bed hungry! Another day I only ate twice! So I know I was in my calorie range majority of the week! Which is why I am wondering if some of the weight isn't me being bloated from not having enough water! I am hoping things will resume to normal and I can force myself to do some treadmill time, and stay in my calorie range.  This upcoming week will be a challenge, because I am also sick. :(


  1. We all have off weeks, but I know in the long run it will all pay off! Your leaning what is/isn't working for you and I love seeing how motivated you still are after having a week with results that are not so much.

    1. thanks Tara! That means a lot! :) I am hoping next week I lose weight! It is so hard sometimes!