Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sex, Marriage& fairytales

I love this poem. I can't even tell you how much I love this video!! It is so awesome! And so true!!!

LOVE these quotes from this poem:

-If your marriage rests on anything but Jesus it's resting on something broken.

-If our dollars were honest it would say " in pleasure we trust"

-Pursue Jesus as your foundation before you get under the covers

-Til death do us part really means until the feelings go away

-imagine if a parent took that perspective with their kids

-Its not the love that sustains the promise, its the promise that sustains the love.

- some guys propose on their knee, Jesus proposed on a cross!

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO, SERIOUSLY, IT IS SO GOOD.  It just speaks to me! I am very passionate about marriage, and I love learning all about marriage, the good and the bad.

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  1. Very nice - loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great video! I've seen a couple of his video's. The message is powerful and full of such truth!

    1. yes! I just love all his videos! I have seen 3, and they are just awesome!