Thursday, November 8, 2012

first trimester picture collage

I am finally organizing my pregnancy photos! yay for more time! I have my weekly pictures (week 7- 31) being printed as we speak to be put into my belly book! I love looking back and remember thinking I was "so big" and so proud of my belly, and now I realize it wasn't that big! LOL. Well at least compared to now! I look back at 1 these first trimester pictures and I am getting excited to have my body looking that way again (and even better!)

 Of course I am more excited to welcome this little miracle of ours into the world. But looking forward to losing the bump in the front (which I already know I will miss feeling her move around, but I will definitely appreciate fitting into my clothes better!)

So here is the 1st trimester picture collage

Look at week 7.. No stretch marks.. so much smaller than i am now! haha! I love it!

I am thoroughly enjoying this pregnancy! It has flown by and I can't believe on Saturday I will be 32 weeks! WOW!!

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