Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 year olds

My Saturday morning started off at 6 am when my friend dropped off her 3 year old daughter. We hung out, did some chores, chit chatted, played, colored. Then around 11 am, when both of us were ready for a nap, my sister and her nephew came over, who is the same age. They ran around screamed, played, watched a little of a movie, then we headed off out to lunch and the library, stopped at my parents house then headed for home. BOY OH BOY was I exhausted!!! I was ready for bed at about 6 pm when the kids left! It left me to wonder how parents do it?! I was tired and ready for quiet time!  I can tell you I have a new found appreciation for how quiet Porkchop is! But of course I can't wait to have my own little rambunctious children! It helped me to realize how much work being a parent is. How much more messy your house gets, how the quiet time that Jordan and I get now, should really be appreciated because (with God's blessing) someday in the future we will have children of our own and our quiet moments of reading, watching tv, surfing the internet, or just talking will be limited to certain hours of the day.

Even though I am usually tired after hanging out with the kids, I wouldn't trade it for anything! They are so much fun! They keep me on my toes and keep a smile on my face! At one point during the trip....

the girl leaned over in her carseat and said "boy, I really love you!" and the boy said "I love you too"

uhhh... is that not the cutest thing ever!

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  1. That really was the cutest thing ever ever ever! They were so cute I could hardly stand it! But we were all TIRED after that day. I think Tara you are I are the funnest people 2 3 year olds could hang out with for a day! We POOPED them out!