Thursday, January 27, 2011

squealing with happiness

 he is too adorable

Love those wrinkles! 

How can you not love him? 


this just makes me smile 

my favorite spot to give him kisses

ok so you all know I am obsessed with my puppy, Porkchop. I love him so much! He makes me laugh all the time, even when he is being very annoying I can't help think how cute he is. When we bought him the description had said that he brings lots of laughter and those words couldn't be truer.. you have to know him to understand how funny he is! ... and the piggy noises that escape his mouth on a regular basis... melts my heart! He just makes me squeal with joy!


  1. You ARE crazy about Porky! But maybe him and Jasper will get along better now that he has gotten a littler older and 'changed' a bit!

  2. LOVE that crazy under bite. These are such fun captures of a very handsome fellow!

  3. amazeballs. I just gave winnie a huge hug because this photos make me want to snuggle a bully!!!