Monday, January 31, 2011

Domestic Violence

So just recently I started volunteering (I am still in training) to go the hospital and help women that come in from domestic violence. here are some CRAZY things I have learned so far...

The # 1 death for pregnant women is domestic violence. Why you may ask? Well because the abuser is controlling and jealous, they don't want the woman to love the child more than them, they don't want the attention off of them (only some of the reasons)

If you leave your abuser you are 14 times more likely to (for lack of better term) be killed. Why you may ask? Well because again the abuser is a controller. They lose control if you leave them. Some have the mentality of "if not with me, than no one"

Once you leave the abuse DOES NOT stop (necessarily) sometimes it does, but other times it leads to homocide or continue abuse, stalking, breaking in, etc. On the news there was someone who had their abuser living in the attic for 3 months reading her mail, checking her cell phone calls, etc. She grew suspicious and called the cops and they found that someone was definitely living up in the attic.

Isn't that crazy?! I know many people think that if they hit you just leave. And clearly the more you know about this, the harder it actually is. I have learned so much about this that I think I could talk about it for hours and hours!


  1. It is very interesting to hear these facts as you have told me. I think it would be extrememly hard to work in these types of situations! I give you credit!

  2. Lovely b&W photo. Abuse in relationships is never as 'simple' as you think and the facts are really horrifying. It can be so easy to assume that all the women have to do is leave but the reality is sometimes quite different.

  3. Thank you for the comment about the B&W! I couldn't agree with you more!

  4. These stats are absolutely sad. And it's never as black and white as we think.