Thursday, January 20, 2011

The dreaded number... MY OH MY

The dreaded scale, with the dreaded number! I hate seeing the number on the scale because well I am not happy with it. But I do not understand why everyone fears telling people their weight. Don't get me wrong there is one person in the world that knows my scale number. But why are we so scared to give people our weight. Are we afraid that instead of them thinking I weigh 92 lbs they are going to find out I weight 120 lbs (I really weigh that.... ahem... ahem, slight shifting in chair with nervousness) I don't get it. Is someone going to think I am fat because the weight I am, if I didn't tell them would they think I was a super model? Maybe if we were honest with our weight people wouldn't feel so bad and ashamed of what they weigh. Skinny girls, you don't count here. Sorry. I love you, but if you are 110 and share that you are 110 that isn't going to make me feel ANY better about my weight. Are we afraid of being judged when people learn our number? But aren't people judging us by our looks anyway? I am afraid to tell people my "number" usually unless they are near the same weight I am and they share with me. I think I am being silly. I can't figure out why I fear people knowing my TRUE weight. Well I am overweight. Deal with it. :) So why can't I share?

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