Wednesday, April 27, 2011

11. your song and/or the first song- wedding challenge

11. your song and/or the first song you danced to at your wedding: share a music video or lyrics if you can!

OK so funny thing about our first dance.... I have no idea what it was!! They played the wrong song!! I didn't care that much, we just danced. It didn't make any sense for me to stop the whole wedding and point my finger at our DJ and say "escuse me, you are playing the wrong song!" How is that romantic?? haha. So we just danced. It was a Bryan Adams song. but that is all I can tell you. And honestly, I don't remember our original song we picked out. It was great and I did love it, but I just went with the flow and danced to the unknown song, while my friend is on the sideline mouthing "THIS IS THE WRONG SONG" hehe. :) 


  1. Haha. That is too funny, but it does make a great story. :)

    Marla @

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't believe they played the wrong song...well at least you danced!