Monday, April 25, 2011

I heart faces- Pets

well you all know how crazy I am in love with my puppy! Seriously... people call me crazy when I talk about how much I just love my little oinker of a bulldog! He makes me happy, and I can't stop giving him kisses. So this challenge was perfect for me!

This was taken after a nice little 3/4 mile walk... Porkchop (the puppy) was all tuckered out on this beautiful spring day!


  1. Oh wow... that is a seriously AWESOME dog! Great photo.

  2. Bullies are awesome. How can you not go ga ga over them. Porkchop is quite a looker too. love the photo

  3. Porkchop - look at that cute pup! Great image.
    Thanks for stopping my blog! :-)

  4. OMG who couldn't love that face!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it.