Friday, April 29, 2011

doctor visit #4 - don't read if you believe in TMI. :)

Or is it # 3? I can't remember. Technically it is # 4, but I can't remember when I started counting. So anyways... # 3 was an ultrasound.. not the fun get to look at a baby kind.. an up inside of you, make sure you have no tumors and make sure your ovaries are alive and junk kind. YUCK. if anyone has never had one. I recommend to try and keep it that way. Can you say uncomfortable? Yet again.. another boy doctor. This time was even more joyous because he was around my age. He didn't seem thrilled to be the one doing it either.. made it all the better... anyways. back to todays doctor appointment. So I was put on a prescription to give me my period. Well today is day 7 and I have nothing... that seemed to stump my stupid doctor. He was going to put me on another round and then on chlomid, which would make me ovulate, well the first step to try and make me ovulate. Well hubby and I have decided that we are trusting God when it comes to our future children, so I didn't want that. I want to actually fix my body and get it working correctly, not just pop some pills and hope for some babies and not 8 babies. I know there is no "cure" for PCOS but I have read lots of success stories about getting it under control and conceiving naturally. Sure it will take hubby and I a lot longer than most, but I know God has a plan for us, and I know he can make anything happen and when its his will for us to have kids he will provide us with kids. I pray he has chosen Jordan and us to be parents, but even if he doesn't I know He knows best. After asking my doctor questions he put me on metformin, a very low dose to help my body with the insulin resistance and sent me on my way with a packet. From my research and the packet my doctor provided I have some knowledge on ways to try and help my body to function better. My husband and I talked about chlomid and if we will go on it in the future. Our response is we will pray about it, and hopefully it won't come to that. My thoughts are that I selfishly would love to go on it!!  But I know that I need to fully rely on God and he will lead me the way. I also think that this possibly in a weird way is an answer to one of my prayers. I pray that I will lose weight and feel confident and feel beautiful. Well I have only gained weight (thanks PCOS) but maybe this is his way of answering my prayer. I lose weight prayer answered, I have better chance of getting pregnant prayer # 2 answered. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. I see the benefits of waiting to have a baby, our puppy not being such a puppy when baby is born and more financial freedom. However my selfishness of wanting a child can be a road block to seeing that. I feel good, I feel ready to tackle PCOS and get it under control and start getting my period naturally. Now I just need the action!

this is a picture of my best friends daughter when she was 3 weeks old. Hubbies first time holding a new born. It was pretty much the most precious thing ever. Seeing him hold a little baby. Seeing how gentle he was, and careful and nervous. So sweet. I pray that one day we will be blessed to be parents because I know he will make the worlds most wonderful dad ever.

PS- yes there is a baby in the picture with me... my husband isn't all that keen on taking pictures. He doesn't like to move all that much when he was comfy. :)


  1. Hi :) I came across your blog from Click It Up a Notch... and stumbled upon this post. God bless you, as you go through this. It took my husband and I, 4 years to naturally concieve our son, with PCOS. Miracles do happen. I hope that you can find helpful and maybe female? doctors to help you! Take care :)

  2. I have had one of those ultrasounds before, and man, they are not fun. Thankfully I had a female doctor so I felt a little more comfortable. Good luck with everything and I know a baby will come your way some day!

  3. UGH....those ultrasounds SUCK! SUCK!!!!!

    Hubby looks cute with a babe :)