Saturday, April 30, 2011

LEM photo challenge- Anything

Given the opportunity to photograph "anything" for a challenge... who would have thought I would pick ANYTHING different than my lovely little porkchop! ( I do promise once we start actually seeing spring I will take way more than just porkchop! hehe) He had to shake off his drool and if you look to the left under his ear above his leg all that skin.. yep that is loose skin flying around. isn't he just the cutest! :) I love my puppy! Who is completely different than we thought he would be! English bulldogs are supposed to be lazy and sleep all the time.... Not porkchop! He sleeps a lot but he is either bouncing off the walls are asleep there is no inbetween for him. We started walking him twice a day and I swear he gets over tired and grumpy because he will just go nuts on his toys and demand attention from us! He is such a silly boy! 


  1. He is so cute. Keep sharing pictures of him. :)

    Marla @

  2. Great photo! I love this guy in action! Good Luck!


  3. Our bully is the same way! He gets these wild spurts and does laps around our living room. He has calmed down some but he is still crazy! Keep sharing pics of him. He is adorable!!