Saturday, April 2, 2011

April.. new goals and challenges

So being how it is the beginning of the month and I like to do things at the "start" of other things. Now is the perfect time for me to set my goals for the month of April!

1. Lose 4 lbs by May 1st
2. drink 66 ounces of water a day, 5 days a week ( I don't want to set myself up for failure... been there, done that)
3. Eat between 1250-1650 calories a day.
4. some form of exercise 3 days a week. walking, running, strength training. ANYTHING.

I think those 4 goals this month are good. I think they will be quite a challenge for me, yet attainable. Often times I go all gung-ho and then poop out and never want to calorie count or exercise again. I usually just have an ON or OFF switch, but I am really trying to not be ON or OFF but just traveling through the in between. If that makes sense? I am so ready to lose weight, and have been for like a year now... so I'm working on it.

In July I am running the warrior dash, which is a 5k and has a whole bunch of super cool obstacle courses, like jumping over fire, sliding down mud, tire run, jacobs ladder(I think thats what its called) I hope to be in good shape for that!  I will be in good shape for that! Today was a good day, hubby and I walked Mall of America and then came home and walked Porkchop. I won't tell you what I ate for breakfast though. chocolate chip pancakes,diet coke, and hash browns. 

Ok, well now I need to go down another 33 ounces of water quick. :)

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  1. your 4 goals are perfect for me too! i am going to try and do a body pump class every friday, because otherwise i NEVER do weights. spring is coming quick and i am desperate to tone up! xo, shari

    BTW, i just found you via the blog hop. i'm your newest follower.
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