Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scavenger hunt Sunday


My husbands watch. (and arm, don't worry, my arms aren't that harry) 

2. Poetry

A dogs love by Eileen Clemens Granfors

Remembering a Dog's Love

Love at first sight, no other would do
That huge otter tail, the essence of you.
Mischievous eyes, a strut in your walk,
A calm demeanor, my heart was unlocked.

You brought handsome glory into our home,
Like a prince returned, your confidence shone.
The deepest bark, such a loud, happy sound,
Waiting for all to acknowledge who we'd found.

You were our beloved, our good dog and true
Sure, I’ll love another, but he’ll never be you.

3. Outside

4. Zoom!

Porky Can zoom! righ on by with these paws!
5. Isolation.

sometimes when he lets out stinkies... we send him to isolation.

Are you all amazed I could do almost all of these with my puppy! :) He is my baby.


  1. That is one beautiful dog!! Love all the close ups!! Sabrina

  2. LOL all the dog shots are great - I really love your poem too.

  3. Love Porky. My hubby wants a bulldog SO bad!

  4. Holey crap I'm laughing so hard at these!! Poor stinkah booty going off to isolation. Love it ! Glad you clarified on those hairy arms ;)

  5. great Tugboat photos - especially the second and the third

  6. Great shots of Porky, but the poem tops them all!

  7. These are so great!! Love them all (especially Poetry) Great job.